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In 1980, several citizens of Burlington felt there was a need for a library in the community. After generating sufficient interest for the idea, Karen Hiser, the Keyser-Mineral County librarian was consulted. With her guidance and support committees were formed, plans made and set into motion.

The planning committee consisted of Alvin Massey, Robert berg, Brenda Kitzmiller, Ed Barbe, Lucy Ebert, Roberta Friedland, Frank and Mary Calemine, and Georgia Baker. Burlington's old post office building, the historic Twin Mountain and Potomac Railroad station built in 1912, was leased from the Burlington Methodist Home for Children and Youth and became the community's first public library.

Having established roots, the need for funds became a necessity. A finance committee was chaired by Georgia Baker and 21 persons solicited funds from Burlington neighbors and friends and families on the rural delivery route. Renovations were soon underway and volunteer workers Robert Berg, Charles Cryser, Gerald Rogers, Ken Welch, Roger McAvoy and Alfred Harris removed partitions, installed shelves, repaired the roof and painted inside the building. The outside library sign was painted and hung by Phil Baker, who also lettered the door.

The Burlington Branch Public Library opened its doors to the public on February 28, 1981, with an open house celebration. The library was open from one o'clock until four o'clock every Thursday and Saturday afternoon with Catherine Weaver as volunteer librarian. Catherine became the first paid librarian in 1984 with Lea Spanburgh following in 1986 and retiring in 2002. Today the libraries Branch Manager is Tonya Mongold and the Assistant Librarian is Kiki Tolias.

 Expansion for the library began in the fall of 1994 and we moved into the new part, an addition designed by Carl David Smith, of approximately 30 feet X 40 feet, in March 1997. With the exception of the foundation and roof, it was built entirely by volunteer labor from the Ruritan Clubs and the community. We love our community and are proud of our library. We wish to provide our service area with the finest of services and activities. Come by the library and visit us, we would love to meet you and your family.

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